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Skirt wearing, profanity prone Papa Brian is a skilled diviner, Spiritist, and healer with over thirty years of experience.  Brian’s services are aimed at opening the roads of your personal journey to Light and Progress.  By assisting you in connecting to your individual Spiritual Court, his services remove blockages and help you create your own magical life. 

Brian’s culturally responsive services range from Tarot readings, Life Path readings, the Setting of Lights, and custom misas (Spiritual Masses).


Brian offers these services

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Henna Artist


 I have been a student of arts my whole life. To me, art is an expression of the spirit in physical form. I love taking someone’s personality and making a design that IS that person, in art. ​

Due to Covid

Suzi is unavailable until spring 2022

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Bone Reader

Meet Alden!

Alden is a master at his craft. He has been doing readings for 6+years and has the ability to give you knowledge through the use of Chicken Bones and Numerology.

Alden says

"I have helped countless people with a variety of issues.

 I'm excited to see what the numbers and or bones say

for you."