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 I have been a student of arts my whole life. To me, art is an expression of the spirit in physical form. I love taking someone’s personality and making a design that IS that person, in art. ​

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Hello. My name is Stephanie.

I’ve been deeply intuitive since I was young, but I believe this trait is available to anyone willing to get very quite and become an observer of life. I have always had a genuine thirst to understand all the mysteries, I want to know the hidden things that control our reality, things we sense but can’t see. With insatiable curiosity, I have immersed myself in magic, archetypes, alchemy, astrology, divination, symbols, psychology, religions, rituals … you name it, anything created to reconnect a soul to its source intrigues me. 

Henna Artist

Meet Alden!

Alden is a master at his craft. He has been doing readings for 6+years and has the ability to give you knowledge through the use of Chicken Bones and Numerology. Alden says "I have helped countless people with a variety of issues.

 I'm excited to see what the numbers and or bones say

for you."

    Bone Reader