Along the way, I have found Tarot cards to be a genius tool that can help illuminate patterns and programs, stimulate new creative thoughts and solutions, and help anyone find their inner voice of clarity in a murky, often confusing existence.

The archetypes and storylines laid out in a spread can help narrow the vast field of probabilities down to the pinpoint of desire, what we truly want and long to achieve and receive in this lifetime. Tarot has been my go-to tool for plumbing my own inner depths and subconscious mind, learning my patterns and finding my own blind spots.

Using the cards, I’ve been able not only to help myself navigate my own dark night of the soul, but also to assist others as well in navigating their own lives. I’m looking to expand the knowledge and skills I’ve honed by helping others discover their own spiritual answers through experiencing the alchemy of Tarot.


Please come sit with me and let’s see what the cards have to offer.